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Tantric Ritual Massage

Tantric massage is a loving celebration of corporal pleasure feeling, combining sensual and spiritual touch to promote sexual relaxation and a transformative experience. a classic tantric touch ritual is a worshipful practice enlivening your presense vitality.


Your whole body will be touched with oil.  A dedicated Yoni/Lingam  touch ritual is included in the last third.


2 h – 280 Euro
2,5 – 330 Euro

2 h – 230 Euro
2,5 h – 280 Euro
3h – 330 Euro

2 h – 500 Euro
2,5 h – 590 Euro
3h – 630 Euro

Count on 30 - 60 min above your booking time for showers and consent talk,
typical principles are applied:
you come to simply receive touch.

This ritual massage builds on Taoistic massage techniques , creating a spiritual and ritualized experience that integrates the body and soul, the touch flow adapts to your body's vulnerable states of authenticity, intending to provide a conscious and healing experience of deep acceptance.

The goal is to gently support you to tune into your inner state and view lust as a healing force. The massage aims to take you beyond your body's current energy state, as you decide the flow. Breath plays a vital role in the process.

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