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Andro about Tantra

"Tantra is the realization that everything created is an illusion and has no permanence, a realization that inevitably manifests itself in the death of every body. Therefore, a tantric practitioner worships Shiva and Shakti as energetic principles of eternal beginnings and endings, which continually arise from the creative power of the feminine.

The discipline of a tantrica transforms the momentary sensory experience into a timeless impulse of understanding that goes beyond his/her own end – through this, he/she gain unprecedented abilities over him-/herself and others.

The physical practice of the Red or Left-hand tantric is the sexual union act that goes beyond personal pleasure to bring about a transparent transformation of the self, both in mind and body. A tantrica utilizes all sensory levels, without judgment or evaluation, recognizing the energetic principle behind everything and everyone, and the tantrica remains in the perception of the infinite diversity of appearances, of which he/she him/herself is the center and source, radiant and indestructible from within him/herself. Andro

Diamond Lotus is considered the first tantric massage institute in Europe. It was founded in 1977 by Andro Andreas Rothe in Berlin. Diamond Lotus has played a significant role in establishing and spreading tantric massage practices in Europe. The institute has developed a holistic and spiritual approach to tantric massages and has attracted many individuals seeking relaxation, personal growth, and spiritual experiences since its inception.


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