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Intimate touch - process work  for men

3 x 2 h – 550 Euro

2 h – 190 Euro

this is a customized touch session for healing life energy flow in one of your relevant topics. the practice includes an introduction talk  1/3 of booked time,short preparation of your body, mainly the spine and hip area, and intimate touch of your lingam/sacrum area. we elaborate for you a home practice for you


processwork is not a talk therapy and cannot replace medically necessary treatment. It is a self-care practice that promotes well-being, with professional touch guidance to make personal.psychosomatic modifications

typical sexual difficulties men have today … Performance anxiety: Men may feel pressure to meet certain expectations or perform to a certain standard in sexual encounters, leading to anxiety and fear of not being able to satisfy their partner. Erectile dysfunction: Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection can lead to feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and self-doubt. Body image concerns: Men may have insecurities about their physical appearance, such as concerns about penis size, muscle definition, or overall attractiveness, which can affect their confidence and sexual self-esteem. Premature ejaculation: Men experiencing premature ejaculation may feel embarrassed or anxious about their inability to control the timing of their orgasms, leading to self-shame and dissatisfaction. Sexual guilt or shame: Societal or cultural conditioning may lead to feelings of guilt or shame surrounding sexuality or specific sexual desires, resulting in internal conflict and inhibitions. Fear of rejection or intimacy: Some men may have a fear of emotional vulnerability or being rejected by their partner, which can affect their ability to fully engage and connect sexually. Lack of desire or low libido: Men may experience a decreased interest in sex or a low sex drive, which can lead to frustration, relationship difficulties, and a sense of inadequacy.

typical sexual needs men have today … Physical pleasure: Men often have a need for physical pleasure and sexual satisfaction. This can involve experiencing pleasurable sensations, orgasm, and sexual release. Emotional connection: Many men have a need for emotional intimacy and connection during sexual experiences. They may desire a sense of closeness, trust, and emotional bonding with their partner. Variety and exploration: Men may have a need for sexual variety and exploration, seeking new experiences, techniques, or fantasies to keep their sexual encounters exciting and fulfilling. Communication and consent: Men benefit from open and clear communication with their partner regarding their sexual desires, boundaries, and consent. They have a need for mutual understanding and respect in sexual interactions. Affirmation and validation: Men often desire affirmation and validation of their attractiveness, desirability, and sexual performance from their partner. This can include receiving compliments, expressions of desire, and feeling sexually desired. Intimacy and affection: Men may have a need for intimacy and affection beyond just physical pleasure. This can involve acts of tenderness, cuddling, kissing, and non-sexual touch that foster a sense of closeness and emotional connection. Exploration of fantasies and kinks: Some men may have a need to explore specific sexual fantasies or engage in certain kinks or fetishes that enhance their arousal and pleasure. It is important for these explorations to be consensual and within the boundaries agreed upon by all involved parties

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