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Intimate touch - process work  for women

3 x 2 h – 550 Euro

2 h – 190 Euro

count on about 20 min longer, home calling visits are possible

this is a dedicated journey towards a particular theme you bring along, or simply allowing yourself to  expand into a blissful state within your womb, exploring the process of mapping, gentle de-armoring, and cultivating healing pleasure


techniques used

soft  de-armouring (rebalancing approach) for the whole sacral area & inside the Yoni, Yoni-mapping,, intuitive listening, intimate voicework, practising sharp positive communication, elaborating a self-healing touch practise

set up 

after the introduction talk 1/3 of booked time, the touch work starts with a short preparation of your body, mainly on your sacral and hips area, followed by the focussed intimate touch, You shower bevore and after


processwork is not a talk therapy and cannot replace medically necessary treatment. It is a self-care practice that promotes well-being, with professional touch support to make personal psychosomatic modifications

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