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Somatic Ritual

1,5 h – 140 Euro

We act in clothes, and home calls are possible.
Count on about 20 min above your booked time


In this intuitive listening touch, a structured somatic ritual, the journey begins with grounding and breathing meditation. As much as you would like to explore we include conscious expansion to inner spiritual guidance.

This paves the way for your individual experience to anchor your mind and spirit in your body – and to align you with your vibrant capacities in a present moment.

We focus the work on your intent or question you bring along, or maybe a simply accompanied wordless touch.

The work is with chakras, responsiveness in contact, breath, and somatic methods. At times, the session may lead you into a dance of self-awareness, allowing you to be accompanied by your own inner guidance. The usual ending is a relaxing touch on the floor.


Intimacy holds the key to unlocking inner insights and responds to the soul's yearning for growth. We create a connection trough energetic healing touch which is for you to feel and listen into more self-acceptance

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