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Tantric Ritual Massage

1,5 h – 210 Euro
2 h – 260 Euro
2,5 – 300 Euro

2 h – 210 Euro
2,5 h – 260 Euro
3h – 300 Euro

Couple / 4xHand - with a coleague
2 h – 400 Euro
2,5 h – 490 Euro
3h – 550 Euro

Tantric massage is a loving celebration of corporal pleasure feeling, combining sensual and spiritual touch to promote sexual relaxation and a transformative experience. a classic tantric touch ritual is a worshipful practice enlivening your presense vitality.

Your whole body will be touched with oil.  a dedicated Yoni/Lingam touch ritual is included

count on 15 - 60 min above your booking time for showers and consent talk, typical principles are applied, you come to simply receive touch


This ritual massage builds on Taoistic massage techniques  (and follows the principles of Andro's approach*), creating a spiritual and ritualized experience that integrates the body and soul, the touch flow adapts to your body's vulnerable states of authenticity, intending to provide a conscious and healing experience of deep acceptance.

The last third of the massage is dedicated to Yoni & Lingam.

The goal is to gently support you to tune into your inner state and view lust as a healing force. The massage aims to take you beyond your body's current energy state, as you decide the flow. breath plays a vital role in the process.

On vulnerability
Besides relaxation and self-exploration of one's sexuality, tantric massage creates an environment where vulnerability can be embraced.

As, to create a joyous and sustainable external world is essential to build a structured strong stable foundation, through education, networks, and finances.



Energy state & breath

Last third of the massage is dedicated to your Yoni & Lingam. The direction is to gently support you to tune into your inner state and view lust as a healing force. the massage supports take you beyond your body's current energy state - as you decide the flow. breath plays a vital role in the process.

Breath is the carrier of new and transformative ways of be in bliss. You will be invited into a releaving soft breathing to lazy and easy contain high states of pleasure


Safe and accepting environment of the massage space provides opportunities to release shame and explore new depths of pleasure.

Shame is a usefull modality for the external world, and is transcended with your vocal power.

Your voice -  your sounding will be softly encouraged to be present, allowing you to release emotional tensions or numbness. as your body becomes a divine instrument of truth and pleasure, you may open yourself up to new levels of expressiveness and discover an expanded sense of intimacy perception within yourself.



Well, obviously it is a massage first, and for more movement this work has offers to release worries and explore yourself more active. The Cashmeric Encounter allows more ….
this tantric massage suggests to stretch with deep breaths – you will be guided in the massage into your gentle movement



The shadows

Our deepest passions reside in the shadows of our consciousness.

There - a willing listener is expected, which starts with humble steps into self vulnerability in opennes –  parasympathetic breathing helps us hold sensitivity to these depths.


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