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Tantric Touch, Somatic Work &
Intimacy Spaces


Enlivening Arts offers transformational practices and

spaces of intimacy, along with ritualized tantric somatic

massages, both guided corporally and spiritually,

both clothed and naked, creating a space for resonance

with another individual.

What I 

Our focus is on joy and pleasure as a means of personal growth and transformation. Pleasure is a powerful healing modality in itself and can also have a balancing effect on low-frequency states of consciousness.

We believe in the transformative power of pleasure to change your being in the present moment. Enlivening Arts can help vitalize your present and inspire you to feel "at home with yourself".

Practices like Tantric Touch or Somatic Approaches can help awaken Kundalini energy automatically, into conscious expression and feeling. This way, your entire life becomes an opportunity for exploration of personal liberating truth and bliss - your unique and artistic story.

In the societal fascia of togetherness, tiredness has embedded itself as a parallel energy field. However, we are meant for adventures and pleasure, not constant fatigue. Letting go of tiredness allows us to naturally embrace lightheartedness as our state of being. Bliss is full of new experiences and exciting possibilities.

Tiredness is not the natural result of being grounded; rather, it arises from conflicting intentions and grinding away at one's soul purpose on Earth. To begin, Enlivening Arts offers spaces for exploring and discovering personal truths and bliss. You are warmly welcomed to join us on this journey.


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