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About me
About me

Welcome to my practice

my name is Kara and I offer sessions of tantric touch & somatic practices, of more or less intimate openness – physically, emotionally, energetically, and in spiritual requirements. and I incorporate a more vagus nerve/parasympathetic approach into my sessions to help shift the energetic investment of your lifestyle.

My understanding of the soma is based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, and Gustav Jung, also on Contact Improvisation and Tango dances, singing, and close attunement with my womb.
I believe each of us writes his own story. Which is in some ways artistic and entertaining, as much as we allow ourself to ease into a flow of trust.

I offer my personalized approach with a background rooted into love for music and dance, combined with my humble daily practice, crafting a healing experience of company, in moments offered for your process of nurturing self-discovery / fostering trust in yourself and others - embracing your inherent dignity  - summoning the courage to overcome challenges - and awakening to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

 professional steps  

tantric courses - 'TantraTraining 1 -7' by Andro / with Sundari and Michaela Farideh
Diamond Lotus tantric intstitute, Munic/Berlin in process since 2023


tantric courses - anal intensive massagge-therapy / with Sundari and Michaela Farideh
Diamond Lotus Tantric Institute, Berlin 2023

intuition & energy healing basic training / by Sansara and Sadhu 
 Institut für Beziehungsdynamik Berlin 2023


training on body-psychosomatic therapy / by Sansara and Sadhu
 Institut für Beziehungsdynamik Berlin 2022

tantric courses -Yoni Intensive massage / with Suriya, Sundari und Dvarika
Diamond Lotus Tantric Institute, Berlin 2019

training on sexual- and relational- therapy / by Vibuti and Ananda 
Institut für Beziehungsdynamik Berlin 2017
WhiteLight Expansion Method
by Shai Tubali, Berlin 2014

international tantric massages, focussed development of dance and singing,
liberating breath, and somatic practices, since 2013

tantric massage course - Touch Ritual
tantric massage course - Yoni extensive
by Jana Reinwarth, Schossraumwelten, Berlin 2013

international company consulting /project & processmanagement til 2015

international study for a Diploma  in Industrial Engineer 
University of  Applied Sciences Ansbach, Diploma 2009

I was born in UDSSR, this land is no longer existing. Shortly before changing to Germany, I learned to pray from my German grandmother Lena. I speak Russian and Spanish

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