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Tantric Somatic Massages Berlin


EnliveningArts are offers of transformational practices and spaces of intimacy, with ritualized tantric somatic massages, both guided corporally and spiritually, both clothed and naked, creating a space for resonance with another individual.we focus on joy and pleasure in that work as a means of personal growth and transformation.  Ist healing force can blance low-frequency states of consciousness an has a transformative shifting power in a present moment.

EnliveningArts invigorate the present, fostering a sense of inner harmony.practices like tantric touch or somatic approaches awaken Kundalini  energy, allowing for conscious expression and deep feeling. Embrace the opportunity to explore your personal truth and find bliss in your unique and artistic story.

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In today's Western society, the understanding and teachings of Tantra vary widely and are often influenced by cultural and historical factors. Tantra, originating from ancient Indian spiritual practices, encompasses meditation, ritualistic approaches, and specific techniques to foster spiritual growth and connection to the divine. Tantra also recognizes the significance of harnessing sexual energy as a means of divine connection for spiritual guidance. Practitioners of Tantra may have differing focuses for their practices, emphasizing more the physical and sexual aspects of red tantra, or spiritual and meditative dimensions of white tantra. The diverse range of interpretations and approaches allows individuals to explore Tantra in a way that resonates with their personal journey. Enliveningarts uses as a basis for the tantric touch the approach brought to Germany by Andro, Andreas Rothe, extending the Yoni-massage ritual based on yearlong experience by Kara, and offers massages/sessions for naked intimacy touch within different consent intensities. - no session include oral, anal or genital intercourse.

Somatic Practices are a broad category of practices that involve awareness and experiences of the body and its sensations. The word "somatic" comes from the Greek word "soma," which means "body.“ When becoming more attuned to bodily sensations, we can learn to regulate our emotions and rchange stress, anxiety, and other physical and psychologicalsymptoms. Somatic practices by enlivening arts can include guided movement practices, such as tandava yoga, flowing contact improvisation, joy partner dance, qui-gong relaxation, touch-based practices like massage, stretch or holding/cuddle. We work with parasympathetic breathing focus, visualization techniques, and sensory awareness exercises. The purpose of somatic practices here is to cultivate a greater personell-unique awareness of oneselfe‘s story, of inner ralations of body to mind, to emotions, toenvironment. this practices can be regarded as a complementary approach to traditional talk therapy

on tiredness

in the societal fascia of togetherness, tiredness has embedded itself as some kind of a parallel energy field: around emotional freedom, around movement spaciousness, corporal interest for truth,
around relational capacity.

however - we are meant for adventures - and - pleasure,
not constant fatigue. Letting go of tiredness allows us to naturally embrace lightness, lightheartedness as our state of being. tiredness is not the natural result of being grounded; rather, it arises from conflicting intentions and grinding away at one's soul purpose on Earth.

to begin, enliveningarts offers spaces for exploring personal truths and bliss .

You are warmly welcome.

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